Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery at the Pre-IGCSE Expedition

Ringing in the Year of the Dragon at Campus Rangers Learning Centre

The Year of the Dragon was greeted with a vibrant atmosphere at Campus Rangers Learning Centre. Our students and teachers geared up to celebrate one of the most significant cultural events of the year: Chinese New Year (CNY). At Campus Rangers, we believe in fostering cultural diversity and providing holistic learning experiences for students from diverse backgrounds, and CNY is the perfect occasion to showcase it!


For our young learners in the IGCSE Primary School, the school has curated a series of engaging activities to immerse them in the rich traditions of Chinese culture. From intricate lion dance head art and crafts to creating 3D pop-up greeting cards, everyone had a fair share of putting their creative minds to work. Our primary school students also got to showcase their flair for fashion in an exciting fashion show, adding a modern twist to traditional attire. And what’s CNY without a bit of luck? Our blessed lucky draw ensured that the primary students had the chance to win exciting prizes, spreading joy and cheer throughout the school.

The Chinese New Year celebrations did not stop there! We got the chance to witness the skill and grace of our secondary students as they performed a mesmerising lion dance, They also eagerly participated in the mandarin orange peeling game. And what’s a celebration without music? Our talented students serenade the crowd with traditional CNY songs, filling the air with melodies of joy and unity. Plus, they get hands-on with lantern making, adding their creative touch to illuminate the festivities.

Campus Rangers Learning Centre, we understand the importance of embracing cultural diversity and fostering a sense of unity among our students. Through our CNY celebrations, we aim to not only educate but also inspire our students to appreciate the beauty of different cultures and traditions. Regardless of background or beliefs, the spirit of CNY brings us together in celebration and harmony, reflecting the values we uphold at our centre.

As the CNY festivities unfold at Campus Rangers Learning Centre, the spirit of joy, unity, and cultural appreciation permeates every corner. From lion dances to lantern making, our celebrations embody the essence of this auspicious occasion, bringing together students from the IGCSE Primary and Secondary Schools in a tapestry of cultural diversity and harmony. Join us as we embark on this journey of celebration and discovery, weaving memories that will last a lifetime. Gong Xi Fa Cai!