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Using the Cambridge Primary curriculum that is comprehensive and holistic. At Year 6, there will be a Primary Checkpoint assessment (on English Language, Mathematics & Science) which enables us to obtain an international benchmark of learner performance and to identify and address learning needs.


Year 10 to 11 – using the internationally recognised Cambridge IGCSE syllabus, leading to graduation from Secondary Education via IGCSE Certification. Students have the flexibility on subject selection and curriculum levels so as to produce the best possible results, thus reflecting their capabilities and knowledge.

Campus Rangers IGCSE Learning Centre

Fees Structure (RM) For Year 2018-2023

Application & Registration Fee600
Security Deposit (Refundable)4,500
Tuition Fees by LevelTuition Fees
Per Month
Quarterly /
Total Fees
Monthly Tuition Fees After 15% Discount
Quarterly Tuition Fees After 15% Discount
Yearly Fees After 15% Discount
Yearly Fees After 15% +5% Discount
Year 1 to Year 31,292
Year 4 to Year 61,38813,10016,6601,1803,54014,16013,452
Year 7 to Year 9 1,60615,60019,2701,3654,09516,38015,561
Year 101,73616,80020,8251,4754,42517,70016,815
Year 111,74816,90020,9651,4854,45517,82016,929
School Uniform & Report CardPrimary505
Breakfast (optional)360
Lunch (optional)570