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Rangers Kidz

For 4 to 6 years old (K1 and K2 levels), using the British curriculum for Early Years Foundation. It covers the learning areas of: Communication & Language, Physical/Motor-skill development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Personal, Social & Emotional development and expressive Arts & Design. 


Using the Cambridge Primary curriculum that is comprehensive and holistic. At Year 6, there will be the Primary Checkpoint assessment (on English Language, Mathematics & Science) which enables us to obtain an international benchmark of learner performance, and to identify and address learning needs. 


Year 7 to 9 – using the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum leading to the Secondary Checkpoint assessment in Year 9. This test will cover English Language, Mathematics and Science, and it gives reports on learner and school performance compared to all participating students and schools worldwide. 

Year 10 to 11 – using the internationally recognised Cambridge IGCSE syllabus, leading to graduation from Secondary Education via IGCSE Certification. Students have the flexibility on subject selection and curriculum levels so as to produce the best possible results, thus reflecting their capabilities and knowledge.

Campus Rangers International School

Fees Structure (RM) for Year 2020/2021

Assessment Fees100
Application Fee600 (Waived)
Registration Fee3,500 (50% OFF)
Security Deposit5,000 (Refundable)
YearTuition Fees Per MonthMonthly Tuition Fees After 12% Discount*Other Fees Per MonthTotal Fees Per MonthTotal Fees Per Month After 12% Discount*Termly /4- MonthlyTermly Fees After 12% Discount*Total Fees YearlyYearly Fees After 12% Discount*Yearly Fees After 12%+5% Discount*
Year 112001,0562101,4101,2665,6405,06416,92015,19214,432
Year 212501,1002101,4601,3105,8405,24017,52015,72014,934
Year 313001,1442101,5101,3546,0405,41618,12016,24815,436
Year 414001,2322651,6651,4976,6605,98819,98017,96417,066
Year 514501,2762651,7151,5416,8606,16420,58018,49217,567
Year 615001,3202651,7651,5857,0606,34021,18019,02018,069
Year 717001,4963202,0201,8168,0807,26424,24021,79220,702
Year 817501,5403202,0701,8608,2807,44024,84022,32021,204
Year 918501,6283202,1701,9488,6807,79226,04023,37622,207
Year 1019501,7163702,3202,0869,2808,34427,84025,03223,780
Year 1119501,7163802,3302,0969,3208,38427,96025,15223,894