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Welcome to the A-levels program at Campus Rangers International School. Our EIT Programme (Equipping, Impacting, and Transforming) integrates STEM education with an entrepreneurial approach, fostering success in the digital era through immersive labs, study trips, and exposure to successful entrepreneurs’ business cases, transforming students’ perspectives and aspirations.

Guided by the expertise of our educators of A-Levels each boasting more than 20 years of invaluable experience, we ensure that every student’s A-levels journey at Campus Rangers International School is exceptional, dynamic, and geared towards unlocking your full potential. Join us as we embark on a transformative educational journey together.

Student Testimonials

Dian Ning

Thank you so much Mr. Jordan! I really appreciate all the guidance and help you gave me. They were some of the most important and life-changing moments of my life. I will remember all the things you taught me and do my best for my future. Take care and stay healthy, Mr. Jordan!

Graduated with MEng Chemical Engineering, University College London.

Goh Kah Wei

Thanks Mr. Jordan for your dedication and guidance throughout my pathway of A- levels especially Physics! The useful lectures and notes given acted as my "bible" which led me to the achievements I've now obtained.

University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law | World Award Recipient (Physics) Perfect Score 600/600

Chun Hao Zhe

Mr. Jordan is an excellent lecturer, thanks to his ability to provide a wholesome education, ranging from in- depth academic understanding to cultivation of soft skills highly valued by companies. As a mentor, he has a sharp eye for lacking criteria and gives appropriate advice to improve your current set of abilities, which will greatly help especially in interviews and our everyday lives.

Scored 4A* in A-Levels | Masters In Material Science, University of Cambridge | PhD Scholarship Recipient of NTU, Singapore

A Message From Our Head of A-levels

I firmly believe in the power of hands-on experiments to ignite curiosity and drive learning. Our commitment to providing ample practical experiences ensures not only willingness but also a guarantee of yielding good results. In a landscape where academic rigor often overshadows practical exposure, we prioritise spending extra time to ensure our students achieve a well-rounded education that prepares them for real-world challenges.

Head of A-Levels, Mr. Jordan Seow

Our Programs

Our EIT Programme is built upon three pillars: Equipping, Impacting, and Transforming. Through Equipping, students receive a robust STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education intertwined with an entrepreneurial approach, empowering them with the skills and mindset for success in the digital age.

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